Confit of duck wings(24 u)

24 canned confit of duck wings

Duck wings confit, is a delicacy in the world of gastronomy. The quality of the meat in these wings is a consequence of the duck’s breeding in the open air as well as the excellent nutrition that the duck receives based on cereals and corn. With a meticulous preparation of the confit, we obtain an unbeatable result.

Let the can  soak in hot water for a few minutes to melt the fat and thus facilitate the extraction of the wings. Once extracted, it is advisable to drain the excess fat well. The rest of the fat left in the can can be used for cooking. Afterwards, brown them in the oven with some of the fat. The wings can also be crumbled, separating the meat from the bone and giving it various uses: filling for cannelloni, lasagna or salad dressing.