Duck thigh confit 300g

Duck thigh artisan  confit 300g

Duck thigh confit is a delight in the world of gastronomy. The quality of the meat of these thighs is a consequence of the raising of the duck in the open air, and of the excellent diet that the duck receives based on cereals and corn. With a meticulous, very traditional preparation of the thigh confit, we obtain an unbeatable result.

The easiest process to taste this confit is to heat it slightly to remove excess fat and then lightly brown it in the oven. The fat, of exceptional quality, that covers the thigh is perfect for cooking the confit garnish. In addition, separating the meat from the bone and crumbling it, it can be used for various cold uses, you can separate the meat from the bone, crumbling it and use it cold or hot.

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